Sailor Saturn

  • 日野多磨工房 Annex 'Hotaru'
    Hinotama Workshop: Annex Hotaru

    Chances are, you've seen his exquisite Hotaru fanart around. It's so realistic and accurate to the anime's style, it can easily be mistaken for official art! Go here to check out all his work, and drool over some items in his small store, consisting of his doujinshi and calendars.
    Note that this site is Japanese-only.

General Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Shopping

  • eBay
    Auctions are my number one way of finding those rare Saturn goods. However, for the really rare and popular stuff, expect bidding wars! But extremely helpful for finding just about anything.
  • Yahoo Japan
    The best resource there is for rare Japanese goods, and thus, Sailor Moon goods. However, for people outside Japan who aren't fluent in Japanese (like me), it's close to impossible to bid on things here without a deputy service such as Buyee or Treasure Japan.


  • Sacred Field
    My collection site for the Pokémon Suicune, Entei, Raikou, and Absol.
  • Glacidea no Hana
    My collection site for the Pokémon Shaymin (Land Forme).