Sailor Saturn

  • 日野多磨工房 Annex 'Hotaru'
    Hinotama Workshop: Annex Hotaru

    Chances are, you've seen his exquisite Hotaru fanart around. It's so realistic and accurate to the anime's style, it can easily be mistaken for official art! Go here to check out all his work, and drool over some items in his small store, consisting of his doujinshi and calendars.
    Note that this site is Japanese-only.
  • Black Dove
    A great Saturn shrine. I especially love their high-quality screenshots!
  • Sailor Saturn's Palace
    Another excellent Saturn shrine.

General Sailormoon

  • Sailormoon.Channel
    The official Sailormoon website!
    Note that this site is Japanese-only.
  • Seramyu Antics
    An awesome site on the Seramyu musicals. Includes beautiful high-quality scans from programs and such, info, and music and media downloads.
  • The Oracle
    Everything you ever wanted to know about Sailormoon is right here!
  • Manga Style
    Beautiful scans of the Sailormoon artbooks.


    Lynleigh's cosplay of Seramyu Sailor Uranus was a huge inspiration for me when I was working on my own Myu cosplay, and gave me invaluable information, including the pattern for the stand-up Myu collar! Check out this and all her cosplays!
  • うさこのコスプレ広場
    Usako's Cosplay Plaza

    An absolutely amazing Japanese cosplayer, Usako. I spend all sorts of time admiring her work and use it as inspiration for my own cosplay!
    Note that this site is Japanese-only.

Sailormoon Collecting References

  • Sailormoon
    Easily the largest Sailormoon collection on the net! Not a store, but an extremely useful resource in finding out what's out there to collect, and you gotta admit, it's just plain fun to surf around and check out all the goodies.
  • Cutiebunny's Sailormoon Card and Cel Collection
    An awesome and extensive reference for collecting Sailormoon cards, featuring scans of her own card collection. She also has a stunning cel collection!

Sailormoon Shopping

  • Catzia's Collectibles
    This should also be under the cosplay section! Their brass tiaras are absolutely gorgeous and very well-made, I've ordered my Saturn tiara from there twice! (The second time because of me stupidly breaking my first one.) They also have a ton of great Sailormoon merchandise and trading cards.
  • Rare Romance
    My favorite resource for buying Sailormoon cards.
  • eBay
    Auctions are my number one way of finding those rare Saturn goods. However, for the really rare and popular stuff, expect bidding wars! But extremely helpful for finding just about anything.
  • Yahoo Japan
    The best resource there is for rare Japanese goods, and thus, Sailormoon goods. However, for people outside Japan who aren't fluent in Japanese (like me), it's close to impossible to bid on things here without a deputy service such as Rinkya, Crescent Shop, and Shopping Mall Japan (which I use). The commission fees can be steep, but for a rare good you can't find anywhere else, it's worth it.

Site Resources

  • AllRight Counter
    A great free counter site, made to fill the void left by OKCounter if you are looking for a counter that isn't the typical boring type. You can even make your own counter! (I made the Saturn counter!)


  • Sacred Field
    My collection site for the Pokémon Suicune, Entei, Raikou, and Absol.
  • Glacidea no Hana
    My collection site for the Pokémon Shaymin (Land Forme).