Forgive me if I left anything out, most likely in the image department. I've been collecting various Hotaru/Saturn/Mistress 9 images from the Internet for a good number of years (at least over five), so I can't name every single place where I found an image. Also, some image credits here are for images I might not have used on the site yet, but I know of where they came from and am listing them for when I do use it.

  • Hinotama Workshop
    For some images of his gorgeous Hotaru and Saturn fanart, including the adorable animated .gif on the front page!
    Note that this site is Japanese-only.
  • Magitek Designs
    For helping me become reacquainted with html, CSS, and layout making through their tutorials.
  • Dies Gaudii
    For some extremely helpful insight into Sailor Saturn and countless other subjects on Sailormoon!
  • The Oracle
    For lots of information, some images, and more. An invaluable Sailormoon resource!
  • Eternal.Legend
    For their very comprehensive information on the Seramyu musicals!
  • Sailormoon
    I owe a ton of credit to for absolutely invaluable information on Sailormoon toys! It would've made collecting a lot harder without them as a resource.
  • Seramyu Antics
    For everything Seramyu, including images and info.
  • Lycentia's SM Graphics
    For some Sailor Saturn game sprites.
  • Manga Style
    For some gorgeous manga images.
  • Moon Prism
    For more manga images.