Messiah of Silence

Hours to Complete: 75
Materials: Chiffon, Suedecloth, Cotton Sateen, Lycra, Velvet Ribbon, Twill Tape
Worn At: Sakuracon 2012, Kumoricon 2013, Sakuracon 2015

~ * ~

This is easily the most difficult project I've ever undertaken. In addition to having very tricky details, the chiffon fabric required frays like no tomorrow, and needed special attention paid to the (many) seams on the blouse. However, I'm so glad I tackled this adorable outfit, and being able to portray the third facet of Hotaru. (I look far too young to pull off Mistress 9!)

There are four layers to this cosplay. First is the chiffon blouse, with individual velvet ribbon stripes and a gigantic lavender cotton sateen ruffle hand-stitched in, attached to a black lycra leotard bottom to prevent the blouse portion from riding up. Essentially, it is a blouse-bodysuit hybrid. The center star cut-out is a very large black star appliqué, fused to a sheer fabric that beautifully matched my pale skin tone. The whole thing is satin-stitched in a circle to the blouse. The neck and wrists are wrapped in a velvet ribbon as well.

Next comes the suedecloth bustier, which hooks up the front, complete with hand-stitched velvet ribbon stripes over each seam to act as faux visible boning. (The real boning is hidden inside, actually stitched to the lining.) It in itself was interesting to fit because of my finicky DD bust, long chest, short waist, and small back.

Over that is the massive suedecloth skirt with lavender sateen lining and ruffles. I can't even put into words how massive this skirt is, requiring tons and tons of gathering. It was very interesting to sew together, and my sewing machine fought the entire way, but still sewed it beautifully.

And finally, comes the gigantic bow belt. The belt itself, red cotton sateen with narrow black twill tape stripes, hooks around the waist separately. The bow portion, essentially one and a half bows with one large box-pleated tail, snaps to the front of the belt. The outer edges of each bow has the same plastic boning as the bustier sewn in to prevent drooping while not adding any extra weight. The giant stars are huge black star appliqués fused to a sturdy, non-fraying black fabric, and glued to brooch pins that attach to the bow.

But wait, there's more! There are three black and white lycra leg wraps that hug my black tights. Surprisingly, they stay in place well, with exception of the uppermost left thigh wrap, which I will need to tighten. Finally, there are two adorable ankle bows attached to black elastic bands that just slip right over my ankles.

This costume was clearly a beast to make, taking seven months from planning to completion. All sorts of snags and complications arose, but the results I'm actually very happy with. Along with Sailor Saturn, I love the choice of cotton sateen, a cotton fabric woven in the same manner as satin for a subtle, elegant sheen. It sews beautifully, irons and pleats like a dream, and has the sheen of satin but without the slippery hand and difficulty ironing wrinkles out. I can't say enough good things about sateen! I made the bear prop as well, using minky fabric and basing the color scheme on the bear in episode 119 she ended up tearing in half at the end of the scene. The bear pattern I found in a great teddy bear-making book, Learn Bearmaking by Judi Maddigan.



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All photos taken by Cornstarch of the official Sakuracon Photobooth Private Photoshoot service.