Seramyu Sailor Saturn
(Nakamura Ruria version)
セーラーミュー セーラーサターン

Hours to Complete: 100+
Materials: Lycra with flesh-colored swimsuit lining, Velveteen, Lamé, Metallic Spandex, Bias Tape, Myu Trim, Sculpey (Earrings), Craft Foam (Brooches)
Worn At: Sakuracon 2006-07, 2009-11, 2013

~ * ~

Ever since I first laid eyes on Saturn's costume in the Myu, I was dazzled. It was absolutely gorgeous, with details that make Saturn's original manga and anime fuku look plain! Gold trim, shimmering black bows, a flowing skirt with two "layers" was perfect for the stage, and even more beautiful up close in various promotional photos in programs and such. This was the form of Saturn I knew I wanted to make.

Needless to say, this was very difficult and time-consuming to make. This only being my second cosplay, and that I'm still learning how to sew, this was a giant pain, but also a great learning experience, and all the time was worth the result. I made this costume with a good friend of mine who is also a seamstress and is teaching me to sew; she taught and showed me what to do, and I did it. There are now two versions of this costume (and they're the same costume, not two seperate ones); the original, and the refurbished version with many improvements.

  • Bodysuit: The bodysuit was made with white lycra, lined with flesh-colored swimsuit lining. While my friend pointed out that the actual costumes used in the Myu used princess seams, we both agreed to instead just make a one-piece bodysuit to save us time and difficulty.

    I've later learned that the actual Myu costumes don't use a bodysuit at all, but are instead dress-type outfits. I have no regrets though with the bodysuit, since I figure it would fit better than a dress-type outfit, and not to mention Myu Saturn probably would've worn white spanks underneath her skirts to match the bottom-most underskirt, which is obviously the same color as the "panties" of the bodysuit.

    The original shoulder flares were a completely seperate piece from the bodysuit, with clear but very shimmery bead strings sewn around the edges. The same sort of bead strand was sewn into the white band above the skirt, and both have since been replaced with solid silver fused beading. The shoulder flares are now supported with reinforcement in the shoulder and bust areas of the bodysuit, and completely stitched in. Also, since the Sakuracon 2009 photos were taken, the center of the waistband has been made into a more pronounced V-shape, so just ignore the lack of for now. ^^;

  • Collar, Skirts, Choker: Purple velveteen was used for the collar (which is two layers of the velveteen sewn together with a stabilizer sandwiched in between for stability), choker, and skirt (which has white velveteen used in the white lower layer of the "double skirt"). The pleats were a major, major pain to do. They required near-constant remeasurement, as whenever I was fitted for the skirt after the pleats were put in, somehow there was still excess fabric left! The skirts alone used, if I remember right, around eight or so yards of fabric and trim! The skirts now sport the actual silver Myu trim, with gold bias tape on the inside hems of the skirts. Gold bias tape was also used for the gold edges of the choker.

  • Glove Bands, Bows: For the glove bands and bows, black lamé was used. The front bow initially turned out too large, and since the con I first wore it to, I've trimmed the bow down to a much more accurate size. In the glove bands, however, strands of lamé keep sticking out and require trimming, and have been replaced (due to being unable to find black tricot lamé) with black metallic spandex (while the bows remain lamé). The bows are stuffed with black interfacing for poofiness and stability.

  • Accessories: The boot covers were difficult throughout the project, needing to be taken apart and resewn at least a couple times. The vinyl used in them are a much darker shade of purple than I would've liked. The boot cover itself is two pieces of vinyl sewn together, with a zipper in back and a seam down the front, giving the impression of the boots being held together by the black leather-like laces, just like the Myu version. I originally used a pair of plum-colored ankleboots for the shoes underneath, but later found a pair of purple suede heels that perfectly match the purple velveteen of the costume. I've since replaced the boot covers and heels altogether with a real pair of purple lace boots. Both pairs were bought from goldexperience0001 of Yahoo Japan. (The last pair needed to be replaced due to size issues and wear.)

    The brooch and choker brooch were made of craft foam (also known as "Foamies"), painted with gold and silver acrylic paint, and with several rhinestones glued to them. I do need to occasionally repaint the big brooch because of cracking of the paint when the foam bends.

  • Silence Glaive: Bought from zhangxuehai2018 of Yahoo Japan. It's made from PVC and lightweight wood, and has a beautiful paint job. Unfortunately, it broke in a fall at the con, but I've (hopefully) managed to fix it. It's based on the manga version, as can be seen in the gold in the part just below the blade, the starburst near the bottom, the rivets, and the stars above the starburst. Note that the red band seen in the photos below are from the peacebonding at the con.

And, finally, I'm giving a ton of credit to Catzia's Collectibles for my beautiful brass tiara. It really made my costume! If you need a tiara for your cosplay, they're great!



All 2013 photos taken by the amazing Derek Lyons!



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All 2011 photos taken by Cornstarch of the official Sakuracon Photobooth Private Photoshoot service.